Steavenson Falls

Unveiling Nature's Timeless Beauty

Steavenson Falls hold a special significance to the Marysville community and are protected within a 190-hectare Natural Features and Scenic Reserve. The falls, which cascade 84 meters, are among the highest in Victoria, Australia.

The Steavenson River starts its life at an elevation 350m higher on the very crest of the Great Dividing Range. It enjoys a year around flow thanks to its forested catchment.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk to the main viewing platform located 350 meters from the car park. This easy and flat walk, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, takes approximately 15-30 minutes for a round trip of 700 meters. The platform offers stunning views of the cascading water, making it a popular spot for photography and nature appreciation.

For those seeking a more challenging adventure, the Keppel Lookout Trail offers an extended hike. This trail leads to the Upper Falls Lookout, providing a different perspective of the falls from above. The Keppel Lookout Trail is part of the larger Marysville Trails network, which features a variety of paths and loops suitable for hiking enthusiasts of varying skill levels. These trails not only showcase the beauty of Steavenson Falls but also highlight the diverse flora and fauna of the surrounding forest.

In addition to the scenic beauty, the area around Steavenson Falls offers picnic facilities and interpretive signage that provides information about the natural and cultural history of the region. The pathways and falls are floodlit at night between dusk and 11pm, offering a unique experience for visitors who wish to see them under a different light.

Lower Viewing Platform
Return 700m | 15-30 mins

From the viewing platform, it’s possible to follow additional trails which are a bit more challenging (very steep | Formed track).

Top of Falls Lookout 
One Way 800 m | 15-30 mins
Keppel Lookout Trail
provides a longer day walk of 11km return taking in panoramic views across the Steavenson Valley.
5.2km | 1.5-2hrs

Or a more gentle option

Tree Fern Gully Trail
Provides access for walkers and cyclists following the river for 3.4km from the Falls to the town.
One way 3.4km | 1-1.5 hrs
Gentle hills | Formed track

Marysville 4km
Access to Keppel Lookout Trail

Watch out for Platypus!

Why Steavenson?
Both the falls and the river were named in the early 1860s when John Steavenson, the Victorian Assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges, established a base at Marysville to oversee the construction of roads to the Woods Point goldfields. Steavenson named Marysville after his wife, and the town served as a strategic location for his operations.

The reputation of Steavenson Falls as a tourist attraction began to grow in the late 1800s as Marysville itself became a popular destination for visitors. The natural beauty of the falls, combined with the town’s charm, drew increasing numbers of tourists, contributing to the area’s development as a key recreational spot.

Image by Visit Victoria.