Rayner’s Orchard

Rayner’s Orchard is home to over 450 fruit varieties and is conveniently situated just an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s city centre, located within the Yarra Valley, renowned as Melbourne’s food hub.

Partake in the joy of hand-picking your own fruit and savour the unparalleled flavours of tree-ripened produce. Indulge your senses further with a guided tractor fruit tasting tour, sampling at least eight exquisite varieties of freshly harvested fruit.

Tractor fruit tasting tours are available daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm year-round, offering a delightful exploration of nature’s bounty. For those visiting during mid-August to mid-September, Blossom Tours provide a unique opportunity to witness the orchard in full bloom.

Experience the art of fruit preservation firsthand by joining a fruit bottling workshop, where you’ll master the traditional technique of bottling fruit and depart with your own delicious creations. These workshops, conducted daily by appointment, offer a hands-on culinary adventure in Rayner’s custom bottling kitchen.

Groups and buses are warmly welcomed, with special tour and meal packages available for groups of 10 or more. Treat yourself to freshly baked scones, farm-style pies, and quiches, adding a savory twist to your orchard experience.