Fishing spots around Marysville

Marysville, Victoria, and its surrounding areas offer an array of fantastic fishing spots, each providing unique experiences for anglers.

Steavenson River

Vic Oak Picnic Area on Buxton-Marysville Road. This serene spot is perfect for both fishing and picnicking, providing easy access to the river where anglers can cast for trout in tranquil settings.

Maroondah Highway – Buxton Recreation Reserve:  Another excellent location along the Steavenson River is the Buxton Recreation Reserve, situated near Buxton Road off the Maroondah Highway. This reserve offers well-maintained facilities and an inviting environment for a day of fishing.

“Meeting of the Waters” is a picturesque confluence where the Acheron, Steavenson, and Little Steavenson Rivers merge. This popular spot offers anglers a unique setting where the Acheron River cascades through a turbulent pool to meet the cooler waters of the Steavenson River, while the Little Steavenson River joins in alongside the rapids. To reach this idyllic location, travel 11 km to Buxton, turn left onto the Maroondah Highway for 500 meters, then proceed down Mareeba Avenue for 1.4 km to the reserve at the road’s end. Here, you’ll find about 500 meters of accessible riverfront along the Steavenson River in a park-like setting, perfect for fishing or a peaceful walk. Additionally, you can follow a downstream path along the Acheron River from this point, enhancing your exploration of this scenic area.
There are no public toilets, bins or BBQ facilities at this reserve, but toilets & BBQ facilities can be found at the Buxton Recreation Reserve. Please take your rubbish home with you.

Acheron River

Glendale Lane in Taggerty is known for its accessible fishing spots where the river’s clear waters make for excellent trout fishing. Follow the road to Buxton then turn right towards Taggerty for 8km along the Marrondah Highway. The Glendale Lane then takes off on the left hand side of a sweeping right hand bend. Follow this road for a kilometre to where it crosses the Acheron River. There is a small reserve immediately after the rOad crosses this river on the right hand side.

Little River, Taggerty: Another prime spot is Little River, also in Taggerty, which merges with the Acheron and offers a serene fishing experience. To get there, follow the Maroondah Highway and there is a small reserve on the right hand side in the town of Taggerty. Walk down stream along the Little River to its confluence with the Acheron River.

Granton and the areas around Maroondah Highway at North Creek Road are also popular among local anglers, known for their productive waters and scenic beauty.
Granton: Follow the main road (C312) back towards Melbourne and Narbethong for 7km where there is a small picnic area on the right hand side with easy access to the Acheron River.
Maroondah Highway at North Creek Road: North of Narbethong there is the remains of a picnic area on the left hand side of the highway where there is access to the Acheron River. Please not access to the river is limited to the area abutting the highway as there is no public river reserve at this point.

Further upstream, Acheron Way – Upper Acheron and Acheron Way – Granton Road provide more secluded fishing spots, ideal for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy the natural tranquility of the river’s upper reaches.

Acheron Way – Upper Acheron: Follow the Melbourne Road (C512) back to Narbethong for 10km to just before the Maroondah Highway and turn left along the Acheron Way for 8km. From this point, there are many places along the next 6km where the Acheron Way is right alongside the Acheron River.

Acheron Way – Granton Road: Follow the Melbourne Road (C512) back to Narbethong for 10km to just before the Maroondah Highway and turn left along the Acheron Way for 4km to Granton Road where it is a 200m drive down the dirt Granton Road where there is access to the Acheron River.

These diverse fishing locations around Marysville and along the Steavenson and Acheron Rivers cater to all levels of fishing enthusiasts, offering a combination of accessible spots and more remote, serene environments for a perfect angling adventure.

*Most of these locations are shown on the Marysville – Lake Elidon Map which can be purchased from the Marysville Visitor Information Centre
** Information compiled by Robin Rishworth, Rooftop Maps.